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Quality Poultry Feeds

poultry feeds

Nutritious Poultry Feeds

We manufacture and distribute high quality, nutritious and highly productive poultry feeds for various stages and ages of the poultry. We all know the famous saying that ‘you are what you eat’. Even when it comes to poultry farming, the same saying can apply in the sense that the productivity of the poultry birds is very much dependent on the kind of food you feed them. There are many types of feeds that exist in the market and they vary greatly from each other depending on their nutrition compositions. Neochicks Poultry Limited has invested greatly in research of the best feeds that ensure maximum productivity of the birds. We understand very well all the nutritional needs of the various types and breeds of poultry. We also clearly understand that has different requirements depending on its age. For example, a one week old chick have a different nutritional need from a five weeks old chicken. Also, the nutritional requirements of a broiler chicken is clearly different from that of layers chicken.

We put all the above factors into consideration and we do extensive tests on our foods and they have proved to increase productivity of the birds. Our feeds have been used all over the country by layers poultry farmers, broiler poultry farmers, Kenbro farmers, Kienyeji farmers, Duck farmers, turkey farmers and many others.

Neochicks Poultry feeds are packaged in various quantities; 25kg bags, 50kg bags and 70kg bags. We have branches all over kenya in order to ensure that we get as close to the poultry farmer as possible.

14 responses to “Quality Poultry Feeds

  1. gitonga

    want to know the price of 2month old kuroiler and grown up kienyeji feeds. niko joska how can I get the above

  2. MacroChicks

    Kindly advise on the brand name of your feeds and where i can get them in Nakuru. We also need vaccines for mareks asap. Get in touch through 0724505230 #Macrochicks

    1. Neochicks Poultry Post author

      Hi Macro,
      Our brand name for feeds is NEOFEEDS. The feeds are low cost but nutritious and guarantees better profit yields for poultry farmers. Marek’s vaccine available in our offices at corner house, 4th floor Nairobi.

  3. lucy

    am interested in buying 4wks kruilor chicks from you.tell methe price and again i want to know how you will help m marketing them once they are mature


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