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Automatic Modern battery layers cages

Layers Cages

We offer advanced battery layer cage systems that are properly galvanized to ensure durability. The cages are firmly assembled and neatly arranged in order to provide comfort for birds. Some of the features include:

  • Automatic nipple drinking system which greatly improves hygiene in the poultry structure since there is no water spillage. The nipple system also saves labor and at the same time ensures that the birds consume very clean water free of any contamination as compared to other methods of drinking systems.
  • Feeding troughs. These are fixed slightly out side the cubicles in order to ensure that the chicken do not in any way step on them. Therefore, there is no feed wastage at all and the food is always free from dirt that may come from the birds droppings.
  • Secure Laying area. When the birds lay the eggs, they safely roll to a secure eggs collection area and thus there are no cases of eggs breakages since the birds do not in any way come into contact with the laid eggs.
  • Wire mesh design ensures ample ventilation in the structure.
Neochicks layers cage

Battery layer cage system

Cages Dimensions and Design

7.5feet by 7feet by 6.5feet (Length x Width x Height)

Layers cage dimensions

layers cage dimensions
layers cage dimensions

The ideal external structure should be at least 8 feet in height. The other dimensions of the structure depend on the total capacity of the cages.
Generally, an allowance of 2ft must be left between the cage and walls in order to ease movement and also for convenience while cleaning the floor.
The ideal flooring should be concrete and if possible it should be plastered.

At least a half of the surface area of all the walls should be ventilated by use of wire mesh.

There should be a shallow tunnel (6inches deep) in between the cages in order to facilitate cleaning and washing away of droppings.

The best materials for the wall construction are timber and bricks. Roofing can be done using roofing iron sheets.

The roof should protect the chickens against direct sunlight and rain and for that reason it should extend the walls for about 50 cm beyond the wall.

External Shelter Design

layers cage external shelter

Provision for lighting is extremely essential inside the structure. To ensure sufficient lighting inside the structure, the positioning of the sources of light is illustrated here:

Lighting provision

Lighting in cage structures
Lighting in cage structures
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