Improved Kienyeji chicken vaccination schedule

Vaccination plays a very big role in disease protection for any kind of poultry breeds and for this reason, Neochicks poultry limited offers free consultancy regarding the vaccination program by offering a comprehensive improved kienyeji chicken vaccination schedule. As we all know, one of the advantages of Kienyeji chicken rearing over other types of poultry farming in kenya is that the kienyeji ones are very much disease resistant compared to other types of chicken breeds. This however does not mean that they are entirely free from disease threats. Therefore it is important to offer vaccines for the kienyeji chicks especially for some very common poultry diseases in kenya like Gumboro and Newcastle. Below is a simple vaccination program that is recommended to effectively safeguard your improved kienyeji chicken.

One day OldMarek’s
1 Week OldNewcatle 1st
2 Weeks OldGumboro 1st
3 Weeks OldGumboro 2nd
4 Weeks OldNewcastle 2nd
8 Weeks OldFowl Typoid
Fowl Pox

It is also very important to know these vaccinations alone may not help to totally eliminate the occurrence of these diseases. There are other factors that you must also take into account. These in include the hygiene of the feeding and drinking equipments, ventilation of your kienyeji poultry structures, quality of your feeds, vitamins and minerals and many others. To get a free copy of Improved Kienyeji chicken vaccination schedule, please visit our office at corner house, 4th floor, next to the hilton hotel. To download some information regarding this, click on this link: Kienyeji Farming Notes

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