What is an eggs incubator

An eggs incubator is an agricultural machine that is used to hatch poultry chicks. If you are new to farming, you may be asking yourself ‘what is to hatch’..? In simple language, hatching means the natural process of getting a chick out of a fertile egg. We call it a process since is combination of several factors. This factors are: Temperature, Humidity, regular turning and time. For example, to hatch a chicken egg, you will need to put a in a place with 37.8 degrees temperature and a relative humidity of 50% for 21 days with occasional turning of the eggs. This process of hatching can also be referred to as incubation.
From the above description, an eggs incubator therefore is a machine that provides the desirable temperature, humidity, turning for a certain period of time. Traditionally, the process of hatching eggs used to be performed by mother hens.
In the kenya,there exists various types of eggs incubators. They are mainly classified on the basis of operation, source of power, material used to make them etc.

Automatic eggs incubators
Eggs incubators

When selecting an incubator to buy, you need to consider various factors like:
-How many eggs are you intending to incubate at a certain period of time or rather, how many chicks are you planning to have in a certain period of time
-The cost of the machine; is it economical according to your financial plan of you poultry farming project?
-What is the primary source of power for the incubator and is that source available in your area?
-The portability of the incubator
-The noise levels of the machine.
-The power consumption of the incubator
-What type of eggs you want to incubate(eg Kienyeji eggs, Ostrich Eggs etc)

We at Neochicks poultry limited ensure that we take you through all the factors in order for us to provide the best assistance for your particular needs.

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