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Fertile Kienyeji eggs

eggs for incubation

Quality Indigenous Eggs

At Neochicks poultry limited, we offer high quality fertilized poultry eggs. We understand that Getting fertile hatching eggs is a great way to grow your poultry farming. With this in mind, our eggs are thoroughly tested and approved using the highest technology in the modern times. We sell eggs of excellent quality and a sample of them is tested for fertility in our own incubators and their hatch rate is normally over 97%. Additionally, they are subjected to modern means of keeping them hygienic.
We have improved fertile kienyeji eggs, bantam chicken eggs, duck eggs, turkey eggs, guinea eggs, quail eggs, pheasant eggs, and chukar partridge eggs.

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13 responses to “Fertile Kienyeji eggs

  1. Anthony M Kyengo

    I am a farmer in Kibewzi with no access to electricity interested in:
    1) A solar incubator. I wish to purchase 5 incubators 1 every month. However, I am not so well versed with what kind of solar system I need in order at the end of the day, I am able to run all 5 incubators using a single source of power, Can you kindly advice on all the technical aspects of the solar system?
    2) I also wish to farm kienyeji chicken. I have started the project and I currently have 100 Kienyeji chicken. I wish to build a house for the birds. My target is to breed 500 layers. What size of a house will accommodate the birds? Can you provided me with the costs involved for such a project?
    Thanking you in advance.
    Anthony M Kyengo

  2. Bernard Kamemba

    I am rearing improved indigenous/kienyenji chickens in the outskirts of Thika town. Currently i have a flock of about 200. I would like to expand the project in nar future. However, the challenge has been getting ready market for the fertilized eggs. I am seeking to establish whether any person/organization/company can buy the eggs.

  3. Francis Njenga

    good job
    kindly send me a price list of all those type of eggs and minimum to start with, been looking forward to start that business at Lari, Kiambu county.
    Where are you Located?


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