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Benefits of White Meat

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In the recent times, due to rise in lifestyle related diseases and complications, there has been numerous reserches in the field of human nutrition. A particular focus has especially been on the nature of the foods that we consume and their direct or indirect impact on the various human systems found in a human body.
Over the past few years, there has been a widespread debate on the issue of animal proteins that are consumed by human beings. The edible animal proteins can be viewed in two broad categories. The first category being RED meat and the second one is WHITE meat. This classification is mainly based on the visible color of the meat when raw and fresh. Myoglobin, which is the oxygen carrying protein, is the one that differentiates between these two types of meat. We have more myoglobin in the red meat than in the white meat. In some cases, the white meat is termed as light meat. The main sources of white meat are relatively small animals like rabbits, chicken and other poultry birds. The red meat usually comes from large mammals like cows, goat and sheep.
Although it is a proven fact that the red meat is richer in various minerals like iron and zinc, it is also known to contain dangerous saturated fats which is a big threat to the human health. The saturated fats in human diet are responsible for most of the cardio vascular complication that ussually affect human beings obove the age of 50 years.
Although we are not stating that you should avoid red meat at all costs, the point we emphasis on is that the consumption of red meat should be as low as possible. The main point is moderation. But may be we should insist that charcoal roasted red meat should avoided. This is because the open grilling system and direct contact with carbons generate some compounds that are a big risk to your health.


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