Types of Poultry Farming

There are different ways and methods of rearing poultry. They are mainly classified on the basis of the structures and also the amount of attention applied in the particular rearing. The main system are included below:
1. Free range extensive system
2. Backyard extensive system
3. Semi intensive
4. Intensive

In free range conditions, the birds are not confined and can look for food over an extended open area. Makeshift shelters may be provided in order to protect the birds from severe whether conditions. The birds may wander around usually in liter collection areas trees and nests in the bush.
The flock contains may contain birds of different breeds and varying ages and it usually hard to control inbreeding.

Poultry are housed only at night but allowed free range during the day to wander around the fields.
In most cases, they are given a small amount of grain in the morning when moving them out and evening to supplement the food collected in their scavenging.

These are combination of the extensive and intensive systems and the birds are confined around a certain area with access to structures for shelter.
Commonly found in urban and semi-urban and in rural settlements.
In these run system, the poultry birds are offered some shelter during the day and then fully housed at night.
Feed and water are provided to these birds in the shelters in order to avoid wastage by rain , wind and also by wild animals.

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