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About Us

How We Began

Neochicks Poultry Limited deals with Eggs incubators, Improved Kienyeji chicks, Layers and Broiler chicks, Chicken drinkers and feeders in kenya and in East Africa in general. We provide highly reliable and efficient eggs incubators, high quality F1 chicks, modern layers cages, durable chicken feeders and drinkers

Neochicks Poultry Limited was established in 2010 with an aim to providing all solutions to poultry farming of all types breeds like KARI Improved Kienyeji chicken, Kuroiler Farming, Rainbow rooster, Broiler farming, Layers farming and other breeds in East Africa and particularly in Kenya. The name ‘NEOCHICKS’ is derived from two main words ( neo chick ) namely Neo and Chicks. Neo is a Greek prefix that denotes newness, modern, improved or recent. Chicks, as you well know, is the young one of any poultry bird. Therefore, from the foregoing statements, NeoChicks Poultry Ltd can be understood as a firm that deals with modern means of poultry keeping and especially focusing on the breed from the chick stage and particular the Modern (NEO) improved breeds like Improved Kienyeji farming.

What We Do:

At Neochicks, we understand that many Poultry farmers in Kenya are small to medium scale farmers. Indeed majority of the poultry farmers in kenya practice Free range chicken farming, commonly known as Kienyeji farming. With this understanding, we endeavor everyday to provide affordable solutions that enhance the productivity of the farmers activities. There is still a wide market that is still unexploited in Kenya. From recent research, it is estimated that, currently, the demand for poultry products in Kenya exceeds the supply by more than five times. This demand has especially been created by the rising awareness of Benefits of White Meet‎ and its key role in human nutrition. The questions that comes to mind there are:
1) How can we ensure that the demand-supply gap is closed up or narrowed down?
2) Where is the demand that is stipulated in the above mentioned research.
If you have the similar questions as above, the answer to both of them is one. The answer is NEOCHICKS. Our sole basis of foundation was to address these two issues.

Our Objectives & Achievements

To achieve the above objectives, we have a comprehensive model that we like referring to as ‘a 360 degrees model’ or simply an all round model. As you may have guessed, the model is made to address all the possible areas concerning poultry farming especially in Kenya.


We offer training services on various areas of chicken keeping especially improved kienyeji farming, eggs incubation, vaccination, ornamental birds rearing like ducks, turkey, pigeons, guinea fowl, geese keeping and many more. We also offer efficient modern facilities that facilitate poultry keeping and breeding including Automatic Eggs Incubators, automatic feeders and drinkers, nipple drinkers, vaccines, vitamins and nutritious feeds for various poultry breeds at various ages and stages. Additionally, we offer wide and rich market to our customers after they start producing various poultry products.

How You Can Benefit From Us

We can humbly say that we have accomplished a greater part of the objective having helped thousands of farmers in Kenya and in some parts of Uganda. However, there is still a wide gap between the demand of poultry products and the current supply in Kenya. We all have heard of cases of imported eggs and other poultry products for consumption which clearly shows that we are yet to reach a sustainable supply to meet the prevailing demand. It is from these reason that we welcome you to visit us and together we shall ensure food security and at the same time uplift your economic status.
We shall be your partner, all along from training, hatching chicks, feeding and even marketing them.
If you wish to venture in Poultry farming, purchase an Incubator, Chicks, Feeds or any poultry related product, Contact Us or Call us on 0707787884.

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