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Poultry Market

Poultry Market

Neochicks Poultry Ltd is dedicated to ensuring that our customers get the best poultry market for Kienyeji meat, broiler meat, eggs and other poultry products. We have a large and experienced team of professionals who go around the country and beyond with a sole aim of connecting our customers to available markets and also look for new ones. According to the recent census that was conducted in 2009, it is estimated that the country’s population is now over 40 million people.Among this population, over 80% are potential consumers of various poultry products.

Our main focus is to raise awareness of the benefits of white meat over red meat, Egg proteins over meat proteins and so much more. Additionally, we give very many referrals to our customers for people who come to us looking for improved kienyeji and kuroiler fertile eggs, chicks, Improved Kienyeji meat and much more. Our chief aim is to ensure the well being of our customers and we always make sure they get the best returns out of their poultry farming investment. Therefore we go to great extents in order to connect our existing customers to potential buys of various poultry products. We have a high demand for various poultry products and the demand is rising with the increase in population.

One of the benefits of poultry farming is that there are so many products and services that a farmer can sell from his/her poultry farm. For example, a farmer may target the meat market. Here there are many selling points that a farmer may look into, including butcheries, open air markets (eg Kenyatta market), Restaurants, Events and so much more. As we all know, poultry meat is one of the favorite delicacies among many Kenyans. The demand is even high for the Kienyeji poultry meat owing to its minimal fat and cholesterol levels. This gives the poultry meat farmer an edge in marketing the meat products.

Poultry Meat is very popular among many kenyans.

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