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96 Eggs Incubator

96 eggs eggs incubators
    • Highly advanced digital controls
    • It is fully automatic and turns the eggs by itself
    • Efficiency is above 85%.
    • Very low power consumption below 100w
    • Easy to Carry/Portable

10 responses to “96 Eggs Incubator

  1. Diana William Kajagi

    I live in Arusha, Tanzania, i need the 70 eggs incubator. Kindly give me the quotation on price. I can arrange to ship it from Nairobi.


    1. Neochicks Poultry Post author

      See our prices below:
      60 eggs semi-auto incubator at ksh12,500
      48 eggs fully automatic incubator ksh20,000
      96 eggs fully automatic incubator ksh30,000
      176 eggs fully automatic incubator ksh44,000
      264 eggs fully automatic incubator ksh54,000
      352 eggs fully automatic incubator ksh59,000
      528 eggs incubator plus free generator ksh75,000
      880 eggs incubator plus free generator ksh90,000
      1056 eggs incubator plus free generator ksh100,000
      1232 eggs incubator plus free generator ksh110,000
      2112 eggs incubator plus free generator ksh140,000
      …and many more…
      Our number is 0707 78 78 84

  2. Hannah

    Thank you. I am interested in buying the 96 solar incubator and currentl y I live in Mombasa Kenya. Kindly send me the quotation and price for different incubators in your firm. thank you.


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