Improved Kienyeji Chicks

Healthy Poultry Chicks

We offer strong, healthy and vibrant poultry chicks of various breeds (eg improved Kari Kienyeji Chicks) and of various ages. We usually start selling the chicks when they are 3 days old in order to ensure we vaccinate them and also to ensure that we are able to select and sell the healthiest and the strongest chicks. We have three days old, one week old, two weeks old and even month old chicks for Improved Kienyeji, normal kienyeji, layers, broilers, kenbro, Indian Kuroiler, ducks and other breeds of poultry in Kenya.
Our chicks are hatched from high quality and carefully selected eggs. The hatching process is done in extremely hygienic environment using modern machines with the best conditions in the industry. The chicks are safely packaged using the modern packaging techniques and we also offer delivery services for our customers. We have various agents around the country.

Since the brooding process is a challenge to many farmers especially those who are new to poultry farming, Neochicks Poultry Ltd trains you on how to handle the young chicks. We take you through the whole process of brooder construction, vaccination, vitamins, feeding and other important things that are necessary to effectively raise your chicks.

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