Advanced Poultry Cages

Modern Poultry Structures

To be able to start a successful poultry farming in Kenya, there are several factors and considerations that the farmer must put in place. The most crucial factor is usually the structure, assuming that there is already an available piece of land for the structure. In erecting a poultry structure, there are several requirements that should be met in order to ensure high comfort of the birds which of course would result to higher productivity. These requirements include:

-Good source of light

-Shelter from direct sunlight

-Shelter from wind

-Clean environment

-Good and ample space in side the shelter depending of the number of birds you want to keep.

We at Neochicks poultry helps you to put up very nice poultry cages by giving you designs and measurements and specification for the cages,structures. We also go a step further to assist you to get carpenters who will construct the structures for  you.

One of the biggest factors to consider while putting up your poultry structure is the capacity or rather the number of birds you are intending to keep. For example, in the case of chicken, to help you calculate the dimension for your cages, a rough estimate should be one chicken bird for every feet squared. For example, if you want to rear 6 birds, then your cage should have the following dimensions:

6 divide by 6 = 6

This means that your floor surface area should be 6 feet squared. From the above calculation, you can have quail cages that measures 3 feet by 2 feet and they should hold 6 birds each.

Also you should ensure that the birds are secure from predators.  You should therefore have the cages build strongly and make sure that there are no big openings left around the cages. Keep in mind that the birds are originally wild animals and they may escape in case they find a way out.

Sanitation is also very important in your cages. The best way to make sure that the quail cages are always clean is by using a fine wire mesh as the floor of the cages. This means that the droppings will pass down away from the floor and therefore the birds will have a clean environment all the time.

The design of the laying nest is also a very crucial factor to put into consideration. Birds will lay eggs more comfortably in a dark place that in an exposed area. The floor of the laying boxes should be covered with a soft material or saw dust in order to minimize eggs breakages.

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  1. kimutai arap koech

    kimutai arap koech

    i am planning to start poultry farming in my rural home in Narok. I have one ha shamba to use for the project. how much to engage your carpenters to put up structures and how much materials for 3000 Chickens?

  2. Patrick Kabiro

    Patrick Kabiro

    Hi, am from Thika and want to start a poultry project with about 500 hundred chicken. I understand you not only supply the chicks 1-3 days but also the feeds and cages. Please send an invoice the following which I would for the project:
    1. House structure for 500 chicken.
    2. Cage sytstem for the 500 birds.
    3. The feeds they would require: Chickmash, growersmash, and layers to the time they can support themselves.
    4. Contigencies (not included in my enquiry)

  3. mahmud


    hi….am Said..i went through your website. i am intrested in starting torear chicken for eggs esp kienyeji. how can you help me.
    i want to start with 300 egg rearing chickens. please email me the cost.
    thank you. will be waiting foe your reply

  4. Denis.


    I am Denis,
    I am from somewhere arround Bomet and I would like to have 60; 2months old chicken to rear in my home. I have already put up the structure.
    Secondly, I would like to get a rough estimate of the cost of rearing these number untill they start laying eggs.
    Lastly, I would like to know if you will or if you buy eggs from these chicken once they start laying.

  5. benson kagia

    benson kagia

    hi ihave gone through your web and iwant to start rearing kienyenji chicken,,starting with 1000 of them,can you give me the cost of putting structure, cost of buying chicks and feeding them on half of an acre in kitengela.
    regards ben

  6. Sammy


    Am also marmer with 100 chicken.

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